Internal Rules and Regulations


These rules regulate the internal operation of this virtual airline, whose objective is to virtually simulate the management and operations of a real airline. These rules are mandatory to ensure correct coexistence based on respect and education, both among members of the company and towards people outside the company.

Chapter 1: Air Nubeiro VA

1.1. -  Air Nubeiro is constituted as a non-profit virtual entity, whose exclusive dedication is the transport of passengers and in a virtual way.

1.2. - The personal data of users registered on the website/forum will be used internally for non-profit purposes, in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws.

1.4. -  These regulations apply to all registered users of Air Nubeiro.

Chapter 2: Members

2.1. -  Members of the company are considered to be all those people who, complying with the stipulated requirements and accepting these regulations, are interested in belonging to it and are admitted.

2.2. -  All members will be obliged to collaborate in the main objective of the company. Collaboration is understood as carrying out a minimum of one flight every 3 months with the NBV callsign , this being duly reported.

2.3. -  Members must ensure that they can receive communications from the Staff either by E-Mail or Discord.

2.4. - In the event of not being able to comply with the minimum activity for a justified reason, the user will inform the Management or HR department of this, thus being able to extend their stay in the company, excluding them from said compliance.

2.5. - Active participation in the forums or Discrod is not mandatory, however it is necessary to visit them periodically in order to be up to date with the company's news.

2.6. -  If a member wishes to be removed from the company, he must communicate it via E-Mail to the Management or HR department, who will process said removal. From that moment on, this member will lose all the privileges that he had.

2.7. -  A pilot may be dismissed from the company in the following cases:

• Voluntarily, sending an E-mail to the Department of Management or Human Resources.

• When he commits a very serious offense.

• When the company's management deems it appropriate for its proper functioning.

• When the user does not comply with the minimum activity time (point 2.4).

Chapter 3: Pilot Registrations

3.1. -  To be part of Air Nubeiro it is mandatory to make a request or through the form provided for this purpose on the web. The applicant must pass a theoretical exam (whose characteristics are indicated in the corresponding section of the website). Passing this theoretical exam, you will go on to a practical exam in which a member of the Staff, with the necessary knowledge, will be in charge of supervising a complete flight live, to check the skills of said pilot, not yet a member, to be examined. If he passes this last test, he will become part of the company; being a full member. That member will be integrated into the system, forums, crew center, and Discord.

3.2. - In case of failing the theoretical access exam, a second opportunity will be available after 30 calendar days.

3.3. - It is also the responsibility of the user to provide accurate and updated contact information, otherwise the request will be rejected.

3.4. - It is the user's responsibility to keep informed of any developments that may arise.

3.5. - To this end, the company undertakes to disseminate all important information by various means, in order to ensure greater coverage and be able to reach all users. These means may be by e-mail, forum, Discord and/or official social networks.

3.6. -  In the case of being registered with IVAO, the applicant must also accept registration with the VASystem in the profile of said network.

3.7. -  Once the user's data has been verified and the application has been accepted, the Management or HR department will send a personal welcome email, where they will be notified with the necessary information.

3.8. -  If  the pilot has previously left the company, he may be reinstated, as long as he has not been expelled indefinitely due to sanction and only when six months have elapsed from the date of discharge (in the case of voluntary departure, it is recommended to take into account point 2.4). However, the Staff may reserve the right of admission for personal reasons, previous history in the company, etc. It will not be possible to return if the two previous cancellations have been due to inactivity.

Chapter 4: Operations  

4.1. - The Air Nubeiro fleet will be composed solely of the Airbus A320/A350.

4.2. -  Flights may only be carried out under IFR flight rules, both in VMC and IMC conditions.

4.3. -  Air Nubeiro uses the FSAirlines system as a management system and the FSAirlines ACARS for flight recording. Being its mandatory use for all members. 

4.4. - Air Nubeiro's main base is established at the Santiago de Compostela – Rosalia de Castro airport (LEST/SCQ).

4.5. - The Operations Department will provide the entire list of routes operated by the company through the FSAirlines system. Its function will be to keep it updated and resolve any errors that may arise. Routes that do not appear on that list may not be flown, except those corresponding to tours and events authorized by said Department. 

4 . 6. - When making the flights, the callsign and flight number, type of aircraft, as well as the weight and number of passengers provided by FSAirlines ACARS must match. If said callsign cannot be used due to duplication with another pilot on the same network, point 4.8 may be applied, having to notify the Operations Department of said situation. Failure to use the same type of aircraft as the one chosen in the flight reservation will result in cancellation of the report.  

4.7. - Flights that are not reported via FSAirlines ACARS will not be taken into account by the company for activity purposes.  

4.8. - The flights may be monitored in real time by the Staff, either to carry out a technical check, for training purposes or in case of suspecting any irregularity on the part of the pilot. 

4.9. -  In case of reporting a flight as NBV and having done it online under a different callsign, it will be considered a very serious fault. 

Chapter 5: Fouls and sanctions

5.1. - Sanctions are classified as minor, serious and very serious.

5.2. - Minor offenses are considered:  

                       - Incorrectly fill in the flight plan.  

                       - Use non-standard phraseology.  

5.3. -  Serious offenses are considered: 

                        - Fly with an unauthorized aircraft using the NBV callsign.

                        - Flying with an unauthorized callsing.

                        - Fly a route that does not belong to the company with the NBV callsign, except in cases where it is authorized; expressly (events, tours...), in which point 4.8 will apply.  

                        - Not complying with the instructions given by an air traffic controller voluntarily or altering the normal functioning of network flight operations.  

                        - Accumulation of 2 or more minor faults.  

                        - Not respecting the rules of the forum/Discord, unless it is considered a very serious offense.  

                        - Causing serious damage to any aircraft in the fleet intentionally.   

5.4. -  The following are considered very serious offenses: 

                         - Serious disrespect to any person, whether or not they are a member of the company.

                         - Transfer exclusive information for members to third parties (outside the company), without prior authorization.

                         - Provide access passwords to any means of Airnubeiro VA to persons/entities outside the airline, without the authorization of the CEO.

                          - Repeatedly disregarding these regulations or the decisions made by the company's staff.

                           - Impersonate another member, either in any of the flight networks, in the forum, on the web, Discord channel and/or any other means.

                          - Repeatedly ignoring a communication attempt from the Staff. It will not be possible to allege error in the contact information for points 2.3 and 3.5. If you plan to be absent for an extended period of time, you must notify the company in advance.  

                           - Report in NBV a flight made under a callsign of another company.  

                           - Accumulation of 2 or more serious offenses.  

                           - Those that the Staff of the company considers seriously damage the image of the company and/or that of all its members.  

LAST UPDATE: 05-07-2021