o bo camiño

Jacobean Tour

Discover the best way to experience Galicia and the Camino de Santiago in the holy year 2022.

Northern Way

This Tour includes the most beautiful stages of the road, as well as one of the oldest routes.

Jacobean Route

This year, at Air Nubeiro, we propose the Northern Way as the Xacobeo tour. The French way, waiting to be prepared to launch it as a vfr route, will be the one proposed to achieve the Xacobeo merit from September 2022.

Destination Santiago

After 200 arrivals at LEST you will get the Xacobeo merit or Xacobea medal. These arrivals can be IFR or VFR but duly reported.

French Way

Originating in Saint Jean Pied de Port. On its way through Roncesvalles, Pamplona, ​Logroño, Burgos, etc. Describe a fascinating route with unforgettable landscapes for this winter.

Air Nubeiro
Destino Santiago 21·22